1st Saturday in November

In Antiochian practice, the commemoration of Saint Raphael of Brooklyn is observed on the Saturday before the Synaxis of the Bodiless Powers (November 8), which means that it may fall between November 1 and 7. The Orthodox Church in America (OCA) celebrates St. Raphael on February 27th, the date of his repose.

St. Raphel of Brooklyn – Doxastikon at the Praises, by Chadi Karam (Byzantine Notation)

St. Raphel of Brooklyn – Doxastikon at the Praises, by Chadi Karam (Western Notation)

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November 4th

St. Joannicius the Great – Vespers Doxastikon

November 7th

Saint Lazarus – Aposticha and Praises Doxastikon

November 8th

The Holy Archangel Michael – Vespers Doxastikon 

November 8th – Vespers Theotokion – Menaion Text

November 8th – Vespers Theotokion – Doxastaria Text

The Holy Archangel Michael – Aposticha Doxastikon

November 8th – Orthros Idiomelon

November 8th – Praises Doxastikon and Theotokion (Gabriel Cremeens)

November 8th – Praises Doxastikon and Theotokion (Basil Crow)

November 9th

St. Nektarios – Vespers Doxastikon

St. Nektarios – Aposticha Doxastikon

St. Nektarios -Orthros Idiomelon

St. Nektarios – Praises Doxastikon and Theotokion

November 11th

St. Paul the Confessor – Aposticha Doxastikon

November 12th

Saint John the Almsgiver – Praises Doxastikon

For an audio recording and instructional video of the above Doxastikon, click here.

November 15th

November 15th – Sts. Guria, Shamuna, and Habib

November 16th

November 16th – St. Matthew the Evangelist

November 17th

November 17th – St. Gregory the Wonderworker (Vespers and Orthros Hymns)

November 21st

The Entry of the Theotokos Into the Temple – Vespers Doxastikon

November 26th

Saint Nicon “Repent-Ye” – Praises Doxastikon

November 30th

Saint Andrew – Idiomelon after the Orthros Gospel

Saint Andrew – Praises Doxastikon and Pre-Festal Theotokion